Thursday, July 22, 2010

Any Other Day -- Part One

July 9th 2010.
New Meadowlands Stadium.

Callie curled her fingers around the lapels of his leather jacket as the house music bounced around the stadium. "Ready then Rockstar, your adoring public awaits."

He winked and dropped a kiss on her lips. "They're right here."

She sighed as the kiss melted down to her toes. "This is nice." It was a moment, they lived on their little moments that they snagged in-between life. Her brow lifted as his hand slid up her top and his fingers stretched across her ribs. "Mmm, this is very nice." He backed her up against the door, it clicked closed. She lifted her leg up his around his hip, his mouth sliding down her neck. 

"I've missed you," he murmured into her neck.

She hadn't gone anywhere, but their life in tour season was crazy, even if she had just been in London with him a month. "Me too, good thing I've got the weekend off before you runaway upstate. Especially since I just had a month off in London, the chief will kill me soon."

He nipped her chin, kissed her fiercely and his hand slid up her thigh. "You're too good to lose and he knows it. Besides," his eyes flashed with heat. "I'll make it worth your while. Any requests tonight?"

She fingered his buckle. "None that can be on the set list. But I know what I want right--"

"Jon, we need a minute." She flinched as Matt's voice thundered through the door.

Jon tugged her away and opened it. "Hey, Matt."

"I need you to sign a couple--hey sis." He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. 

"Hey Matty." She looked at Jon and winked. "I'll leave you boys to business k?" She was used to interruptions, it was their life. Whether it was band thing, the sound of her beeper, or one of the kids, they were used to it. 

Jon wound his arm around her waist. "No, wait--here." He popped the sharpie lid off in his mouth and scrawled across the two tour programmes Matt held up. "Done."

"Ok, about five minutes." He winked at her and shut the door behind him. 

"Just another day huh?" Jon asked, the scent of him drawing her in again. 

She chuckled. "Yup, just the norm." She kissed him again, their noses bumped and their teeth clicked."We'll have to find time for this later." She brushed back his hair. She couldn't help but miss the longer hair, and she knew with the break in August and David's wedding, he'd cut it again.

"It's OK, I convinced Mom and Dad to spend some much needed Nana and Pops time with Stella and Jacob."

Her eyebrows winged. "Oh really? In that case I'll be glad all over when this show finishes and we can escape. I'll make sure the driver is ready. SoHo or Redbank?" They'd originally planned to go back to SoHo, but that was before she knew that she'd be kid free for the first time in months.

He soothed her arms, stood back, glanced at himself in the mirror and picked up his guitar. "We'll rattle around the Redbank home, and be naked in any room we want." The trademark smirk spread wide across his face.

She picked up her purse and the travel mug of coffee. Obie always left one for her. It had become a tradition over the years, like so many other things in this backstage family. Things had been crazy with the London trip, and her recent promotion to head surgical resident at Riverview Hospital.

With Jon on tour, and an eight and six year old, there was never a boring moment in her life and she wouldn't change it for the world. As if their lives weren't already full of crazy with their schedules, they added children into the mix. But as with everything with them, they made it work. Both her and Jon had experienced a lot of success in their professional lives and but they both agreed that having their children was something  completely else, something you couldn't measure. 

It still amazed her how they managed a band that worked more than they didn't, a medical career, and parenthood, but they did. From years of practice juggling time between them they always managed, and had a strong loving marriage as well.

The familiar beat of their before show anthem started to play. "All right." She flicked the tab on her cup, taking a hasty sip of her only other lifeblood besides her family. "You have a wonderful show, go get them and I'll be waiting for you."

He smiled, after twenty years together she still knew the smile he reserved only for her, the one that sparkled and reached his eyes. "Love you, C."

She winked, slipped out the door and high-fived the crew and band all waiting in the hallway for him. These people were her family, and she made a point to know them, at least the regular crew since she was usually hit and miss for shows. She waited in the wings, listened to the crowd that roared louder than a jet-plane and smiled. 



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